MAAC is a French and Spanish Architecture firm with a worldwide presence from Paris and Madrid. The studio combines two structures created by Alain Cottrell 40 years ago that consolidate towards a strong and balanced management team. Alain Cottrell, Elodie Cottrell, Stéphane Cottrell, Pierre Macary and Jérôme Michelangeli lead a team which combines more than 60 specialized professionals dedicated to Design and Realization of large scale project internationally. All urban development programs are considered and carefully studied. French and Spanish building savoir-faire are shared and coordinated to strengthen our intervention in Client + Architect process.
MAAC´s Architects imagine and design with the same attention and signature all types of buildings: Offi ce, Residential, Retail, Healthcare, Sport, Education and Transport buildings are rethought for a better place to live, work or travel, for a better city, a better world.
MAAC intends to be one of the main players of the new international Architecture.
Awarded on many occasions, MAAC’s projects claim the actual values of a responsible edification, of an intransigent quality of space and landscape use as well as some idea of beauty, between contextual poetry and functionality.
Strong in his international identity and large scale expertise, MAAC has worked on widespread projects in Europe, Africa, Asia and on the American continent. Chile, Canada, India, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Senegal, Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Angola, France, Spain, Romania, Poland and Portugal, are a few of the architectural destinations of an unbounded company.